What Hurricanes Can Teach Us

January 2018 I made the decision that my life in California was no longer working for me. I decided to move across country to North Carolina and reinvent my life. It was a tough decision selling my condo and leaving family, but it was long past the time for me to find my true self. My place went up for sale April 2 and on April 6 I received an offer for substantially more than what it was listed. I was on the right path. I‘d been vacillating whether to move to Durham or Wilmington. I settled on Durham and everything fell into place. I arrived here at the end of May.

Just over three months later, I experienced my first hurricane event. Like many others here, I was glued to the news feeling the anxiety of possible destruction coming to my new home. I did everything I was supposed to do to prepare, including ordering a battery radio/USB charger, which was due to arrive in four days but never did. The news showed the path miraculously moving south of Durham, but we would still be experiencing the effects. The day the hurricane hit land I lost power. It was eerily quiet. I felt myself starting to panic. Was I really prepared? What was I thinking moving here and going through this alone? Was I going to be okay? I even remember thinking I’d rather do an earthquake!!! Luckily power loss was very short lived for me. But that feeling of pure fear made a significant impact and taught me a big lesson.

What are hurricanes? They’re intensely powerful forces of nature. They uproot trees, they drown terrains, they’re swirling chaotic winds tearing down anything in their path. The eye of the hurricane typically is about a 40-mile radius, and is very calm and peaceful while the walls of the storm represent the outside forces spiraling and destroying, completely unstoppable. All you can do is your best to prepare and decide how you are going to react to the coming storm.

This description is similar to going through major transitions in life. The eye of the storm represents our inner self, calm and peaceful – our Zen. The walls represent outside forces, or even our own subconscious mind creating chaos, beating at us, reacting to old programming, repetitive and spiraling. Our minds have the power to spiral us away from that internal calm to chaos within seconds.

However, the gift we possess is that we have the power to consciously choose to react differently and to be calm and peaceful – to be Zen.

Hurricanes represent fear, change, new starts, wisdom, and spiritual individualism. Sometimes we need to go through our own personal hurricane to force us to remember our passions, and what is truly important to us and who we are at our core. The purpose of life is to live within the eye of the storm, and remember the soul connection and experience the endless peace that knows no end, knowing everything will work out as it should.

I believe there was a reason I was guided to move to North Carolina and a reason that I was choosing between both Wilmington and Durham. I have done a lot of personal work, and I’m making progress. I want to believe that this was the Universe’s way of saying “Girl, you have more work to do, but congratulations on the work you have accomplished.”

I have decided to learn to love the “hurricanes” in my life. They are a reminder to live within the eye.

Wishing you inner peace and love!


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