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Fear Of Missing Out
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FOMO—the Fear of Missing Out. We've all been there, right? One minute you're focused on a project or spending quality time with loved ones, and the next, you're wondering what else is happening out there that you're missing. 

But did you know that FOMO is more than just a fleeting distraction? It can actually mess with your ability to get things done and even throw you off course from what's truly important to you. It holds you back both in your personal and professional life.

So, let's dig into the nitty-gritty of how FOMO and procrastination are connected and—most importantly—how to break free. You ready? Let's get started!

What is FOMO and Why Does it Matter?

So, what's the deal with FOMO? Let's unwrap this, because it's really something that affects us all, and I think you'll find it's more than just an annoying buzzword.

It's that nagging sensation that everyone else is having the time of their lives—or seizing opportunities—while you're on the sidelines.

FOMO and Procrastination Cycle

The Emotional Roots of FOMO and Procrastination

So, why do our emotions get us all tangled up in FOMO and procrastination, anyway? 

Let's dive in. FOMO often comes from deep-seated insecurities, a craving for social validation, or the dread of future regret. 

On the flip side, procrastination has its own emotional luggage, such as fear of failure or a warped sense of self-worth. When these emotional root causes converge, it creates a super frustrating cycle of FOMO and procrastination that can keep you stuck.

The Power of knowing

The Power of Knowing Your Priorities

So, what's our game plan to beat this, you ask? 

It’s understanding what truly matters to you—your priorities. But, digging deeper, it's also about understanding your emotional triggers. Knowing that your FOMO comes from social validation can lead you to set priorities that focus on personal growth and self-validation. 

Say goodbye to last-minute decision-making that fuels procrastination.

identify your core values

Identifying Your Core Values and Setting Priorities

We're not just scratching the surface here; we're going deep into the bedrock of your decision-making—your core values and priorities.

Core Value Exercise

  • List: Write down the things that matter most to you—family, health, career, etc.
  • Prioritize: Rank them based on what deeply resonates with you.
  • Question: Ask yourself why each value is crucial. This clarifies the emotional roots of your priorities.
  • Visualize: Keep this list somewhere visible.

Priority Setting

  • List: Write down your short-term and long-term priorities.
  • Align: Match these priorities with your core values. If something doesn't align, question its place on your list.
  • Review: Regularly update this list, especially when life events prompt a shift in priorities or values.

Cross-Referencing for Decision Making

  • Keep both lists handy.
  • When a new opportunity comes knocking, or FOMO starts to sweep you away, consult these lists.
  • Do they align with the opportunity at hand?
  • If yes, go for it! If not, you've just saved yourself from a potentially regretful decision.
FOMO Triggers

Actionable Steps to Break Free From FOMO

You've done the soul-searching and laid down your core values and priorities. Awesome! 

Now, how do we use these to tackle FOMO head-on? Let's get into some actionable steps you can start implementing right now.

The 10-Minute Consultation Rule

  • When FOMO looms, take 10 minutes to pause and consult both your list of core values and your list of priorities.
  • Do they align with the opportunity you’re contemplating?
  • This quick consultation can save you from making decisions you'll regret later.

Core Values 'Not-To'Do' List

  • In addition to your to-do list, create a 'Not-To-Do' list that includes activities or commitments at odds with your core values and priorities.
  • Keep this list near your core values and priorities for easy reference when FOMO kicks in.

Quick Emotional Check-ins with a Twist

  • You're now armed with deep insights into what matters most to you.
  • So, when you feel the itch of FOMO or the pull of procrastination, perform a quick emotional check-in. Ask: "What am I feeling right now, and why?"
  • Then consult your lists.
  • More often than not, you'll find that your feelings are steering you away from what truly matters to you.
Conquer FOMO


So, there we have it—FOMO isn't just about fearing what we might miss out on. It's a serious culprit behind why we put off doing the things that matter most to us. 

But the good news? By digging deep to understand our core values and setting clear priorities, we can turn the tables on FOMO and procrastination. It's not just about managing time; it's about managing what truly matters to you.

Thanks for joining this deep dive, and here's to focusing on what genuinely enriches our lives!

If this resonated with you, share it with someone who could also benefit. Got your own success story or a question? Let's keep the conversation going. Drop a comment or send me a message; I’d love to hear from you!

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