Taking A Leap Of Faith!

What if I told you that one year ago my life looked significantly different than it does today? It was a disaster. I was living in the Los Angeles area, facing a potential foreclosure and homelessness. I had no savings to speak of, my bad credit did not allow for a loan to help me out. Bankruptcy was not an option as I had already used that route a couple years previous when I had been laid off from my job for the second time. My stress level was through the roof daily. I was experiencing intense survival mode, panic, hanging on by a thread. I was so scared, ashamed, exhausted, and fried out. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. All I knew is that I could not keep trying to outrun this reality any longer.

I made a solid declaration that 2018 was going to be different. It was time to get honest about why I felt my life was not working the way I thought it should. I was genuinely afraid of how much worse life might get if I did not get honest now.

I sat down and made a list of how I wanted to feel, the type of environment I wanted to live in, what I wanted to be doing that made me feel happy, and empowered. As I was making this list, I decided to sell my home of 15 years. I did a Google search of college/university towns that were affordable, and had all four seasons, but not to the extreme. One of the cities, Durham, North Carolina was in the middle of three universities and had all the things I felt I wanted from my list.

I had never been to North Carolina in my life, nor did I have any strong ties to the area. Although I felt it was the right thing to do, I also felt myself trying to talk me out of such a big change. To try to conquer my nervousness and resistance, I decided to make a vision board to help me keep focused on what I was doing and why. I wanted to trust this leap of faith.

Then I got to work on the process.

Within a week of making the vision board, the perfect realtor came to me. Once my new realtor and I put my place on the market on Monday, April 2, it sold the following Friday, for $15,000 more than we thought it would.

I also needed a new car, because I was driving across country with my Pitbull Siri. The little Mini Cooper was not practical and it was on its last leg and I didn’t feel safe in it for a cross country trek. I researched and hired a car broker and had the best experience for a brand-new Honda Civic with all the bells and whistles, and it was even delivered to my home.

My realtor also put me in contact with an amazing moving service. I needed to find a place to rent on the opposite side of the country that would allow a Pitbull. I was able to see the grounds and floorplans online and rented my new home in Durham, North Carolina before I ever moved from California. Now, instead of feeling anxious, nervous and afraid – I felt empowered, excited and thrilled.

A couple weeks after moving into my new home, I was driving through the area to explore my new surroundings and saw signs indicating the area I had chosen to live is actually called “New Hope Valley”.

One year later, I was reviewing my vision board I created, only to discover that 80% of the things I had put on the board, before ever making a physical step on anything, had now become my reality, all the way down to the car and apartment I am now living in is actually ON this vision board. In one year, I have created a completely different life for myself!

I am the first person to admit that I can’t believe it worked. But, IT WORKED! That’s why I’ve already started my new vision board for the next phase of my life. This time I am not waiting a full year before I make it. I am going to focus my thoughts and my feelings on what I do want and I’d love to help you do the same.

Don’t you want to feel better? Aren’t you even a little curious about moving your stuck energy into something that looks and feels great! Me too. I want you to be happy and to feel good and be able to do what I did AND MORE! I would love to help you gain clarity in your life - even if it’s not a big move. Maybe it’s just trying to understand a relationship you have, or to shift how you are feeling about an aspect of your life that has traditionally been challenging.

Let me help you manifest something new and exciting. What most people are lacking is the clarity of what their dream looks and actually feels like, and the tools needed to help move past their blocks of resistance and trust in yourself and this new process.

On that note, it’s always great connecting with you. Thank you for being a big part of my life personally and professionally and for allowing me to do what I LOVE and to shine a light on your life along the way.

My Best Always,



What Hurricanes Can Teach Us

What Hurricanes Can Teach Us

January 2018 I made the decision that my life in California was no longer working for me. I decided to move across country to North Carolina and reinvent my life. It was a tough decision selling my condo and leaving family, but it was long past the time for me to find my true self. My place went up for sale April 2 and on April 6 I received an offer for substantially more than what it was listed. I was on the right path. I‘d been vacillating whether to move to Durham or Wilmington. I settled on Durham and everything fell into place. I arrived here at the end of May.

Just over three months later, I experienced my first hurricane event. Like many others here, I was glued to the news feeling the anxiety of possible destruction coming to my new home. I did everything I was supposed to do to prepare, including ordering a battery radio/USB charger, which was due to arrive in four days but never did. The news showed the path miraculously moving south of Durham, but we would still be experiencing the effects. The day the hurricane hit land I lost power. It was eerily quiet. I felt myself starting to panic. Was I really prepared? What was I thinking moving here and going through this alone? Was I going to be okay? I even remember thinking I’d rather do an earthquake!!! Luckily power loss was very short lived for me. But that feeling of pure fear made a significant impact and taught me a big lesson.

What are hurricanes? They’re intensely powerful forces of nature. They uproot trees, they drown terrains, they’re swirling chaotic winds tearing down anything in their path. The eye of the hurricane typically is about a 40-mile radius, and is very calm and peaceful while the walls of the storm represent the outside forces spiraling and destroying, completely unstoppable. All you can do is your best to prepare and decide how you are going to react to the coming storm.

This description is similar to going through major transitions in life. The eye of the storm represents our inner self, calm and peaceful – our Zen. The walls represent outside forces, or even our own subconscious mind creating chaos, beating at us, reacting to old programming, repetitive and spiraling. Our minds have the power to spiral us away from that internal calm to chaos within seconds.

However, the gift we possess is that we have the power to consciously choose to react differently and to be calm and peaceful – to be Zen.

Hurricanes represent fear, change, new starts, wisdom, and spiritual individualism. Sometimes we need to go through our own personal hurricane to force us to remember our passions, and what is truly important to us and who we are at our core. The purpose of life is to live within the eye of the storm, and remember the soul connection and experience the endless peace that knows no end, knowing everything will work out as it should.

I believe there was a reason I was guided to move to North Carolina and a reason that I was choosing between both Wilmington and Durham. I have done a lot of personal work, and I’m making progress. I want to believe that this was the Universe’s way of saying “Girl, you have more work to do, but congratulations on the work you have accomplished.”

I have decided to learn to love the “hurricanes” in my life. They are a reminder to live within the eye.

Wishing you inner peace and love!


My First Aid Kit For Stress

My First Aid Kit for Stress


We all have it. In today’s world it’s hard to go through any given day without experiencing some level of stress. But what about those there days, when you’re feeling so stressed that you have to remind yourself that you don’t look good in orange jumpsuits? I know I’ve been there!

I have found keeping a stash of healing crystals in my home helps in transforming many challenging situations for me. Today, I will tell you about six of the most readily available crystals you can buy that could help you during some of those stressful situations.

The first two I’m going to mention are my go-to, all time favorite crystals for stress, Selenite and Black Tourmaline combination. I need to credit this discovery to Krista N. Mitchell and her book “Change Your Energy – Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck”.  

Black Tourmaline helps neutralize imbalances and grounds you. It aids in balancing emotions.

Selenite will dissolve energy blocks and purifies the energy. It promotes a feeling of calm and serenity.

Hold the Black Tourmaline in your dominant, or giving hand, while holding the Selenite in your receiving hand. What you will find happening is you are receiving feelings of calm and serenity, while giving away the feelings of stress and allowing more balance and grounding in your energy. You can do this anytime. You can be holding these while meditating, or while watching TV, standing in line at the grocery, taking a walk, chatting with friends, etc. The other cool thing is the closer you bring your two hands to one another you will actually feel a vibration happening similar to bring two magnets together.

Other great crystals to have nearby in your home, office, pocket, or jewelry for stress and anxiety are:

Amethyst, this is known as a Master Healer and an “All Purpose Stone”. Working with this crystal will shift negative thought patterns and behaviors and also help keep your thoughts from going down the rabbit hole of “what ifs”.

Citrine is generally thought of as the “Wealth or Merchant Stone”. But it is also known as the “Feel Better Stone” when it comes to stress and anxiety. This crystal will absorb the negative energy and promote a positive mindset.

Rose Quartz is great to have around during stressful periods. When we are stressed or in great anxiety it can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves. Rose Quartz is the crystal of self-love, love of self. It is also one of the best crystals for relationship troubles or emotional stress.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal. It relieves tension, stress, anxiety, aids in eliminating worry and doubt and negative thinking. Having a piece of Smoky Quartz in your office can be a lifesaver when trying to make an important deadline or meeting.

Of course there are other great ways to use these crystals, but here we are focusing on stress and anxiety. There are also other crystals that help with stress and anxiety, such as Blue Lace Agate, Snowflake Obsidian and Sodalite to name a few. However, the ones mentioned above are easy to find at any metaphysical bookstore or crystal shop without having to hunt all over for them.

Wishing you a stress free day!