What Clients Are Saying About Jami's Readings

Jami is my “go-to” when I need perspective and clarity in my life. She picks up on my feelings and the feelings of the people around me. She is calm, caring and compassionate. No matter how difficult your situation, Jami makes you feel positive after reading with her.   ---   KC, California

I have been a client of Jami’s for about a year. She has guided me and my husband through some rough times. She is not only a good predictor but also a great healer. She is very good at explaining why things are happening and what to do about them. I highly recommend her!   --- LW, New York

I have had many readings with Jami and have known her for a few years. I never feel like, I need to find another psychic because she is always very accurate and tunes into my situation and questions. Jami also is very good at explaining the feelings or thoughts of other people that you may be asking about in your reading. She is very honest and straightforward, I feel like, I am speaking to my mother or daughter when I am having a reading with Jami. She is really trying to help me and give me the best advice she can for whatever situation it is that I am asking her about. Jami is the Real Deal no doubt about it. I think most people will connect with her and find her very down to earth and easy to talk to and connect with. There are times when I call her because I am on the fence about a decision or situation and after we talk for a while she always confirms my thoughts, ideas or feelings. I feel so relieved after we task and it’s much easier for me to move forward in my life. Everyone needs guidance at times. I highly recommend Jami she is an outstanding psychic.   ---   Mary Jablonski, Illinois

I call Jami periodically to help me with issues in my company. She has been accurate with the information for the past 2 years. She is able to help me with specific situations as well as give me a reasonable read on what to be expecting in the coming months with the business growth. --- Michael, Florida

I started reading with Jami at least 2 years ago to get help with a personal relationship. Through consistent, honest, funny and caring readings, Jami has given me insight to my person of interest and has helped me understand why this person thinks the way he does and behaves the way he does. I now know it is my job to do what needs to be done with the information that I have. I continue to work with Jami because she is honest, consistent and accurate with her information she provides me during a reading as well as her timelines. I have great faith and sesne of trust in her now and I look forward to many more readings with her. --- Julie, Colorado

I spoke to Jami the first week of April. She said I will get an interview the 3rd week of April. Guess what? I got a call on April 13 for an interview. She asked where I had sent my resume. I gave her 4 names and she predicted the same company who called to set up the interview! --- William, New York

Jami is comforting and is wonderful at seeing how people feel about you. She can almost see inside someone and predict where they are coming from. She can reassure you and will give you insights needed to empower your decisions about relationships. She gave me great advice as to let my love interest more lead the relationship and to let him reach out to me. She said he would show more interest in a few weeks or less, just 2 days ago he did! --- Sandra, Indiana

I have had many readings with Jami. She is so accurate with things in my life, I am just amazed at her gift. She is a true professional. When speaking with Jami, she makes you feel very comfortable. She immediately connects to you. Jami is the REAL DEAL! I have read with several Psychics over the years but NO ONE compares to Jami. Thank you Jami for EVERYTHING that you have helped me through. I APPRECIATE YOU!   --- PN, Georgia

I have spoken with Jami several times over the past couple of years. She is always spot on in tuning into my situation and the people involved. She has been accurate regarding outcomes every time. She is real, down to earth, funny, and provides excellent guidance.   ---   Nancy V., California

She was quick to pick up on the situation. Very strong reader, I was completely impressed. She picked up on a certain subject that I don't know how she knew about it! Absolutely fabulous and very gifted! She had a wonderful personality and was very easy to talk to!   ---   Michelle, California

Jami is like sitting with your best friend having a glass of wine. Will tell you the truth because she cares. Will give you the facts, because you asked for them. Very factual and fast. She delivers messages that are 100% accurate and to guide you to a better future. Adore this woman.   ---   Lori, Washington

Prediction came true. Looking for a new position and have been sending out resumes for quite sometime now. Jami said that I would hear from someone either Tuesday or Wednesday, definitely no later than Thursday. She told me this about 4 days prior. A potential employer called me to schedule an interview on Monday. I try not to put time in stone...give or take, but Jami obviously is being guided by some great energy.   ---   Jonathon, Florida