6 Tips to Have a Relaxed Holiday Season

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The holiday to-do list can sometimes feel like a marathon that nobody signed up for, where ticking off each task feels like a race against Santa's own checklist. Everyone's aiming for that picture-perfect holiday, but hey, what if we slowed it down a notch?

Imagine easing off the gas pedal and making this time of year a truly relaxed holiday, focusing more on those cozy, heartwarming moments than just crossing off another thing on the list.

Taking a step back can transform your December into a relaxed holiday, changing the game entirely. Instead of sprinting through December with a heart racing like reindeer on rooftops, we could choose to stroll through the season, savoring each twinkling light and each sip of eggnog.

It's about creating pockets of peace in the festive frenzy, finding joy in the little things, and making memories that don't require a checklist to be complete.

Alright, ready to turn the holiday chaos into something a bit more chill? I’ve got six simple tips that'll guide you toward a more relaxed holiday, helping us ease off the holiday gas pedal and find our zen amidst the tinsel.

Keep reading for some easy-to-follow advice that’ll help make this season feel less like a mad dash to the finish line and more like a leisurely stroll through a winter wonderland. Remember, these tips are just starting points—tweak them to fit what 'relaxed' looks like for you and your traditions.

Six Ways to Simplify Your Celebrations

chilling by the fire

1.  Zero in on What Makes You Merry

What's that one thing that really gets you into the holiday mood? Take that activity that you love and make it uniquely yours—maybe it's a variation on a family recipe or a twist on the classic holiday songs playlist. Find it, hold onto it, and let it be the star of your holiday show. No need to do it all—just focus on what spells 'happy holidays' for you and yours.

watching holiday movie in pjs

2.  Chill Traditions Over Showy Productions

Big holiday spectacles are great, but they're not everything. Swap big holiday spectacles for low-key, relaxed holiday traditions like movie nights or potlucks. If movie nights are your thing, why not create a theme that changes every year based on a family vote? The best memories are often the easiest to make.

box homemade cookies

3.  Gifts That Keep on Giving

It's not about the size of the gift, but the size of the thought that counts. A little plant or a promise to spend a day together can mean a lot more than another gadget. Consider the hobbies and passions of your loved ones and choose gifts that can be personalized to their interests.

simple tree and gifts

4.  Let Go of the Excess

When your holiday calendar's packed, it's okay to drop the less thrilling stuff for a more relaxed holiday vibe. Keep it open for the things you truly look forward to, and watch your season get brighter. Decide which holiday events feel meaningful to you, and don't be afraid to start your own relaxed holiday tradition in place of attending yet another party.

watching the snow fall

5.  Recharge and Rejoice

Everyone needs a breather, especially during the holiday rush. Find time for yourself—whether that's a quiet coffee break or just zoning out to your favorite tunes. It's all about maintaining the holiday spirit and ensuring a relaxed holiday without wearing yourself out.

friends wrapping presents

6.  Many Hands Make Light Work (and Fun)

Rope in some company for those holiday tasks. Gather your friends or family and brainstorm how you can all contribute to making a relaxed holiday happen, maybe with each person bringing their unique skill or dish to the table. Team up for trimming the tree or baking treats. It's way more fun when you make it a team effort, and it's the laughs you'll remember more than the work.

christmas ornament from orange slices

Your Turn: Making Your Relaxed Holiday Magic Happen

As the holiday calendar pages flip closer to our cherished celebrations, it's a golden chance to shift from high-speed to low-key. Let’s make this season about traditions that are as comfortable as your favorite sweater and heartfelt moments over price tags.

Remember, the richest memories often don’t cost a dime; they're made from being fully there, in the laugh-filled, warm, and fuzzy moments.

These tips are yours to shape and mold into a holiday that reflects your personal touch—what new traditions will you start this year that speak to your heart?

And as you weave these tips into your holiday fabric, I'd love to hear which ones lit up your festive spirit.

Drop a comment below, share your stories, tag me in your holiday highlight reel on social media, or contact me, your procrastination coach. Your insights might just be the sprinkle of inspiration someone else needs to make their holiday a little brighter.

Here’s to savoring the sparkle of a relaxed holiday and making every moment count. 

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