About Jami

I am an empath, clairsentient and clairvoyant intuitive. In every day terms:

- By being an empath I can actually FEEL what another person is experiencing.

   - By being clairsentient I receive strong sensations and impressions, both emotional and physical, from the energies and guides around me.

   - By being clairvoyant I am able to see the energies around a person which allows me to experience what that person has gone through, what feelings they commonly have, their outlook on life as well as other characteristics about them.

Thanks to my mother, I became fascinated with astrology when I was 10 years old and created my own chart, as well as secretly doing the charts of my family members when I was 11 years old. For years I thought I was "just a good judge of character". I could walk into a room and pick up the "vibe" and immediately know how I should conduct myself in the room. During my childhood I also saw my father privately consulting his tarot deck. Being raised by her Romanian grandmother, “Bobo” my mother had a strong aversion to the tarot. "Bobo", would threaten the kids that if they stepped out of line the gypsies would come take them away – and of course, at the time, gypsies were associated with tarot. My father, coming from a strong Scottish background, would quietly consult his tarot deck and then return the cards to his secret hiding place in his large beautiful desk. Although my parents were obviously psychically strong in their own ways, this was a topic never discussed in the home. It was treated as taboo and non-existent.

At age 32 I was going through a divorce and impulsively bought my first tarot deck. I was searching for any help or answers I could find to try to save my marriage, or at least understand what the future held for me. I still hadn’t realized that I had any psychic ability. I would shuffle the cards and lay them out in a Celtic Cross spread, finding that the cards displayed for either myself or anyone I was dealing the cards for only confirmed the information I already felt or knew was true.

As I continued to work with my deck, I started exploring the world of metaphysics and how we all are able to truly create the life we desire the most. Over the last two decades I have put these principles to the test in many ways. I have had a career in the corporate world for nearly 30 years. Although I have these gifts, I am also by nature, a very analytical minded person. Having a strong ability on both sides of the coin has proven invaluable to me during my career.

For the last two years of my corporate career, I had been wanting to make a significant change in my life and focus more on the metaphysical world as well as start writing novels. It has been a very strong desire, but I was hesitant to take such a leap and leave the safety net of the predictable paycheck world. On October 31, 2013, the Universe decided to take matters into its own hands and I was faced with a lay off from my company. The second in less than five years. Obviously I was not getting the message that I was suppose to be making this change in my life, so the Universe, in its loving wisdom, kicked me out of the nest to fly.

I have counseled hundreds of people from around the world with my intuitive gifts. Over fifteen years ago, I began my psychic practice by conducting private readings from my home. In 2012 I was asked to join the largest national psychic hotline.

This ride has been scary, thrilling and exciting, all wrapped up in one. But when I really have a talk with myself, I know that I have long ago outgrown the old way of doing my life. And by trusting the path I am on today, so many amazing things are lining up for me now in ways I could never have imagined.

This is my new baby Siri. I adopted her from BestFriends.org in May, 2016.

Who says Staffordshire Terriers (Pitt Bulls) are ferocious?