12 Easy Tips to Stay Motivated After Thanksgiving

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The transition from Thanksgiving into the bustling holiday season can often leave us feeling a bit adrift. For those who battle with procrastination, this time can be particularly testing

As the festive decorations go up, so do the barriers to our motivation. The tasks we've been putting off begin to loom even larger in our minds. With a few thoughtful strategies, we can maintain our drive and ensure that the year’s end pressures don't overshadow the holiday cheer.

But by embracing some easy tips and thoughtful strategies, we can maintain our drive and ensure that the year’s end pressures don't overshadow the holiday cheer.

These easy tips are about finding grace in the little accomplishments, allowing ourselves to breathe and reset when needed, and approaching our to-do lists with a mindset that encourages consistency over intensity.

These 12 strategies are crafted to help you navigate the holiday season with a sense of calm and enjoyment. They are simple, stress-free tips designed to keep you buoyant and focused amidst the festive flurry.

Explore these easy tips to find your holiday motivation and by infusing your daily routine with these practices, you can avoid the end-of-year slump and enter the New Year with momentum and a clear mind.

12 Easy Tips to Sustain Your Motivation

1. Simplify Your Goals

micro goals for holiday party

Mini Goals: This is one of the easy tips that can make a big difference. Break down your tasks into micro-goals that are simple and quick to achieve. Think of them as bite-sized pieces of a larger pie — each one builds on the last, creating momentum.

2. Find Your Rhythm

advent calendar

Daily Highlights: Instead of a rigid routine, pick one highlight activity each day. This activity should be something that you’re looking forward to doing, which also contributes to your goals. Finding your rhythm is an easy tip that works wonders for maintaining motivation without the overwhelm.

3. Declutter One Space at a Time

organized kitchen drawer with elf

One Drawer a Day: Choose a small area to organize each day. A clean and orderly space can do wonders for your mental clarity and motivation. Follow this easy tip and choose one small area to declutter each day to gradually clear your mind and your space.

4. Prioritize Pleasure

painting christmas trees

Joyful Tasks: Mix in tasks that you enjoy with the ones you've been putting off. This will help you associate productivity with pleasure, making it more likely you’ll tackle the tasks you’re less enthusiastic about. This is an easy tip to make your tasks more enjoyable and keep your motivation soaring.

5. Harness the Power of Ten

10 minute timer with santa hat

Ten-Minute Tasks: When you feel the urge to procrastinate, commit to working on a task for just ten minutes. Often, starting is the hardest part, and once you begin, you'll likely keep going. Giving just ten minutes to start can break through procrastination, often sparking a productive streak.

6. Connect with Kindred Spirits

2 cups cocoa and candy canes

Procrastination Buddies: Team up with a friend who also wants to stay productive. Check in with each other for moral support and gentle accountability.

7. Infuse Fun into Function

santa chess board

Playful Productivity: Turn your tasks into a game. Set a timer and see how much you can accomplish before it rings, or treat yourself to a small reward after completing a task. This easy tip involves turning your tasks into a playful challenge, which can make time fly and your to-do list shrink.

8. Embrace Imperfection

gift wrapped in brown paper and twine

Good Enough: Let go of the need for things to be perfect. Sometimes, 'good enough' is just that, and it's better than not done at all. Embracing 'good enough' can ease the pressure, helping you move forward at a steady pace.

9. Visualize Your Success

blank board with christmas decor around it

Vision Board: Create a collage of images representing your goals and dreams. Place it where you'll see it every day to remind you of what you're working towards. This visual cue can serve as a constant source of inspiration to keep pushing forward, even on tough days.

10. Keep Moving

woman walking her dog at christmas

Active Breaks: Incorporate short, active breaks into your day. A quick walk or a dance to your favorite song can energize you and boost your mood. Such easy tips keep your energy levels high and prevent the fatigue that often leads to procrastination.

11. Settle into Stillness

woman on couch with hot drink and blanket watching the snow

Quiet Moments: Start or end your day with a moment of stillness. Meditate, breathe deeply, or just sit quietly to calm your mind. Such moments of tranquility can help center your thoughts, allowing for clearer decision-making and a more peaceful approach to your daily tasks.

12. Laugh It Off

3 dogs with christmas outfits

Humor Therapy: Watch a funny video or read a comic strip when you're feeling stuck. Laughter can lighten your mood and make tasks seem less intimidating. Use this easy tip to bring humor into your productivity plan, turning a potentially stressful day into one filled with lightness and progress.

Wrapping Up

As we wind down from the festivities and look ahead, it's important to recognize the strides we've made, no matter how small. Each small action, whether it’s organizing a drawer or completing a task in ten minutes, is a step forward. As a procrastination coach, I can attest to the power of these small actions in overcoming procrastination.

These easy tips are the foundation for a resilient mindset that can transform our approach to work and life beyond the holiday season. 

Let these practices be more than just one-time actions; let them be part of your ongoing growth.

As the holiday lights dim and the New Year's resolutions come into play, carry these easy tips forward, allowing them to guide and support you through winter and into a productive and fulfilling year.

Remember, the smallest steps often lead to the greatest journeys, and every day is an opportunity to write a new chapter in your story of success.

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