Hi, I'm Jami.

Welcome to my website - I'm glad you stopped by. 

‚ÄčI'm an Intuitive Crystal Empath, a healer, a teacher and an author. I've counseled hundreds of people from around the world - the business person looking for more clarity, the individual looking to create a more satisfying life, as well as those experiencing basic life situations.

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My Mission Statement

My mission is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love, acceptance, and support to those seeking guidance. As an Intuitive Crystal Empath I am able to tap into your energy and help guide you and give you the best advice to my ability. Each reading is a reflection of your path in that moment. You have free will, if you do not like the path you are on you have the ability to change it.

What my clients are saying...

I started reading with Jami at least 7 months ago to get help with a personal relationship. Through consistent, honest, funny and caring readings, Jami has given me insight to my person of interest and has helped me understand why this person thinks the way he does and behaves the way he does. I now know it is my job to do what needs to be done with the information that I have. I continue to work with Jami because she is honest, consistent and accurate with her information she provides me during a reading as well as her timelines. I have great faith and sesne of trust in her now and I look forward to many more readings with her.    ---   Julie, Colorado

Jami is comforting and is wonderful at seeing how people feel about you. She can almost see inside someone and predict where they are coming from. She can reassure you and will give you insights needed to empower your decisions about relationships. She gave me great advice as to let my love interest more lead the relationship and to let him reach out to me. She said he would show more interest in a few weeks or less, just 2 days ago he did!   --- Sandra, Indiana

I spoke to Jami the first week of April. She said I will get an interview the 3rd week of April. Guess what? I got a call on April 13 for an interview. She asked where I had sent my resume. I gave her 4 names and she predicted the same company who called to set up the interview!   ---   William, New York

I call Jami periodically to help me with issues in my company. She has been accurate with the information for the past 2 years. She is able to help me with specific situations as well as give me a reasonable read on what to be expecting in the coming months with the business growth.   ---   Michael, Florida